Moving and Storage Services

International Moving-Exclusive

In the modality “Exclusive Moving”, as the name indicates, you will have a exclusive container for your move. You can choose door to door or door to port. Leaving from anywhere in the USA to Brazil.

International Moving-Consolidated

Do you want to send a few items from your home? Don’t you have enough items to load a container? This is the solution! We can ship your consolidated move to any city in Brazil.

Local Moving

If you have moving in South Florida, we will count on our direct team of professionals. The staff is note 10. Come check. Make an appointment with our office for a free quote.

Automotive Shipments

We send your car, motorcycle, jet ski, boat among other automotive 0Km (zero kilometer) or over 30 years from EUA to Brazil. Make now an appointment with our experts and enjoy your car in Brazil.


You can store your moving for a month, for a long period or even as this organizing your move to boarding. Our deposit is ample, safe, has a monitoring system and burglar alarm and fire.